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Laser Tattoo Removal EDMONTON

Curious how effective laser tattoo removal can be?
Seeing is believing, check out the pictures from real clients below.

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We specialize in laser tattoo removal and have
been removing unwanted ink in Edmonton for
over 5 years now.

Welcome to the home of tattoo removals.

We provide stellar service at competitive rates in a timely and passionate manner. From the moment you enter our office, you will realize that we are serious, passionate and dedicated in what we do. You will find some of the most welcoming if not the most welcoming staff imaginable. In case you make an impromptu stop at our office, you will be welcomed just as if we were expecting you yesterday.


From having your tattoo lightened to complete removal, we’ve got you covered. We take our time to look at your tattoo as well as ask you a few questions concerning any skin conditions or medications that may affect the removal service.

Your initial consultation will allow us to evaluate your specific removal process because different skin tones and colors require different approaches. Also, we will assess the size and location of your tattoo so that we establish the best removal technique or whether any special precautions are necessary.

We’re knowledgeable and realistic with expectations.

Having well-trained employees in the field of dermatology ensures you receive high-quality care. This assures you’re in the hands of the best professionals in the field. Also, we use state of the art technology making sure that by the time we are through you will be wondering whether indeed you had a tattoo in the first place or whether it was just your imagination.


It’s always exciting seeing clients wowed by their tattoo removal journey.

That is why our goal will always be to exceed your expectations! We hope that you will tell your friends about our excellent services. To book your appointment or for additional details come to our office or contact us through our website.